Custom Subdomain not verifying GTM

I’ve tried all the steps, but I can’t seem to verify my subdomain with GTM.
Working with Lightspeed, here are my DNS records (hashed), any glaring issues?
I’d hate to pull the plug on Stape but I’m at a loss.

Name TTL Type Value

  • 5 Min. A Hash1
  • 5 Min. A Hash2
    @ 5 Min. A Hash1
    @ 5 Min. A Hash2
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash3
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash4
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash5
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash6
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash7
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash8
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash9
    @ 5 Min. MX Hash10
    @ 1 Min. TXT Hash11
    @ 1 Min. TXT Hash12
    api._domainkey 1 Min. TXT Hash13
    em5942 1 Min. CNAME Hash14
    ftp 1 Min. CNAME Hash15 1 Min. CNAME Hash16

lsc._domainkey 1 Min. CNAME Hash18
lsc2._domainkey 1 Day CNAME Hash19
mail 1 Min. CNAME Hash15
tracking 1 Min. CNAME Hash20
transip-a._domainkey 1 Min. CNAME Hash21
transip-b._domainkey 1 Min. CNAME Hash22
transip-c._domainkey 1 Min. CNAME Hash23
www 1 Min. CNAME Hash24

You have two A-records (both to wrong IPs) and not a single AAAA-record. Please check your container on Stape again and see which records you actually have to add.

Thanks Dan! Appreciate the speedy reply!

The added Stape A-record is the only one I’m seeing as verified via the Toolbox. I do already have 2 other A entries in DMS (presumably Cloudflare). Added Stape AAAA (no other conflicts). Added Stape CNAM (but that one has other CNAMs). Any suggestions?

At the moment, your subdomain has incorrect or missing necessary DNS records for verification (screenshots attached).
Please make sure that you have made the correct DNS records.
Which are listed in your container on Stape:
Type: A
Name: ss
IPv4 address:
TTL: Auto
Proxy status: disable

Type: AAAA
Name: ss
IPv6 address: 2001:bc8:5090:13::
TTL: Auto
Proxy status: disable

TTL: Auto
Proxy status: disable