Custom Loader not working


I just applied the custom loader code on my website.

However nothing is really loading at all, was checking the preview in my webcontainer in google tag manager. And it can not connect to my site?

How long should I wait before this code works?

My custom domain is all setup and working before I changed the regular GTM code on my site.


Can you share the URL?

I only get this error message

I removed it for now. Doesnt load. Regular tag manager works fine.

  1. If you removed it, how can I then look at it and help ? :slight_smile:

  1. your screenshot shows id=:1 - unlikely that’s your actual container id.

  2. Here’s the proper link for your laoder, and it loads GTM pretty well:

I got those results when I entered the code from Stape I got

I cant see why it wouldnt work

Both snippets are correct and work.

Check how you embed them.

I just do a copy paste, I am on a new website builder platform. Which might be the issue here. I have the code active now on the website. But the google tag does not seem to load :frowning:

It is firing, just not on the front end of the site builder. It fires in the back end editing of the builder for some reason. VERY STRANGE.