Custom HTML Tags

i have some custom html tags in my web container. FOr those GA4 isnt needed and i dont want to use GA4 for them. How can i get these tags working with server side gtm?
Thanks a lot !!!

You cant get custom HTML tags working server side, as there would be no point. If the tag has to inject content onto the page, if you did it via server side you would have a call from client side to server side, it would then submit back the HTML to go onto the page, and then it would inject it. That does not actually get you any benefit so for custom HTML tags just make those regular old client side tags.

Note that other tools like Zaraz do support that and theoretically you could do something like that with GTM, but since you already need a web client container there is no need to do it the way Zaraz does it (which is effectively as I outlined above).

Basically sGTM is only really useful if you can submit one packet of data from the web client tag to server tag, and then on the server side you re-transmit the data multiple times to multiple other clients (GA4, Facebook, Tiktok, Google Ads etc). Less browser traffic so your site is faster.

Okay thank you. Should those custom html tags work anyway when being in the webcontainer? Because i am wondering that they dont do at the moment but i am sure they worked some days ago anyway with sgtm but i changed so much that i am totally … :wink:

Your GTM server container is usually used in parallel with web GTM container, so custom HTML tags as well as any other tags can continue to work without any changes on your web container.