Custom domain in "Verifying Error"

Hi to all.
I don’t know if it’s the right section, I hope so.

I have a problem with my 3rd level custom domain.

Considering that my Netsons server passes through the CloudFlare proxy, we have set up a dns “A” record (on CloudFlare) that points to the IP that Stape gives me.
Then on Stape I entered my 3rd level custom domain and I saw that it remained in the “verifying” status for 3 days.

Now it has become "Verifying Error"

What’s the problem?
How can I solve?

Thank you all.


Probably issue is that you set proxy on.
More info on how to configure domain on Cloudflare How to add a custom domain to the Google Tag Manager Server container - Stape


Hi Denis,
Thanks for your answer, but i think my domain on Cloudflare is correct:

So, What’s the problem?
How can I solve?

You can use this tool for checking domain settings Dig (DNS lookup)

I checked your domain and got answers to two IP records. There should be only one. You need to delete another one.

You’re right, I completely forgot about the other ip record.
I removed what was not useful.
I also deleted and re-entered my subdomain on stape.

I assume I have to wait 72h, right?

Usually it’s faster. Like 2-3 hours and it will be verified.

OK, I hope it.
I’ll wait.

Thanks a lot.