Custom domain for data-tag and data-client

Hi all. Please tell me.
I send events to the server container using data-tag and data-client (and after send to facebook). I created a subdomain and use it for data-tag

Used this instruction.

Do I need to change the url on my site for gtm like here ?

Do I have to do that ?
What if I don’t change the url ?
FPID cookies expended ?
How to expand the FPID cookie for data-client ?

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Yes. You need to change the tag manager URL whenever possible. This helps bypass not only ITP restrictions but also adBlockers.

adBlockers will still block GTM Web container loading.

FPID cookie will be set to two years always if the browser supports this and you use custom sub domain for your GTM SS. Actual info about cookies status in the browser you can find here

Data client don’t use FPID cookies as this is a cookie is for GA clients.

@Denis, Thank you. What cookies does data-client extend ?
I have only _dtclid, is that correct ?
Or should it renew all the others (fbp, fbc and others) ?
I just want to know if I have everything set up correctly.

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Both GA and FB cookies should be extended. Please follow the steps from this article to check if the ss tracking setup is correct.