Create event name "lead" and pass to gtm server

Hi everybody. I’m struggling to implement facebook conversion API. I did everything shown in the articles but I have 2 problems to fix.

  1. I can pass only pageview event and not “lead” event (that the event that I want to send to the server) and after, I don’t understand how to pass event and user data… I used “data tag - data client etc” like I read in the article but there is something that not works…

Maybe I have to do something “before” like in google analytics (I have universal analytics for this account, not g4… I have g4 for another account but before I have to fix this :slight_smile: )

There is something that is missing in the articles…

Thanks so much for the help

Schermata 2021-05-12 alle 12.30.55
The data passed to facebook are only pageview… and I need Lead…
Schermata 2021-05-12 alle 12.33.13

For getting Lead or other events on GTM SS. You need to send these events to the GTM SS container. For example, you can send events from the GTM Web container using UA/GA4 or Data tags.

How I understand, according to your other topic, you already understood this. That’s why I close this topic favor to the new one.