Cookies Compliance Blocking with GA4 Server Side Tracking

Hi !
If the cookie compliance is denied on my website, shoud I block the GA4 configuration tag which transport the server side tracking URL ?

For now, I have set an exception trigger which stop the tag from activating if the performance cookies are denied.

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Hello Yann, the best practice is to enable consent mode in the Web GTM, integrate your cookie banner with the web GTM and modify consent settings in the GA4 configuration tag. In this case, GA4 will work together with the cookie banner and change requests based on user consent. You will see an additional parameter in the server GTM gcs. If a user denied cookies or didn’t select anything, GA4 sends parameter gcs=G100.

You can use this parameter in the server GTM to define whether you should or should not trigger tags.

We have a blog post that describes how o use GA4 and user consent in server GTM