Cookieless via Stapes Advanced GA4 tag

Hi all,

I have perfectly functioning serverside tracking setup via Stape, that uses first party cookies. As far as attribution, new/returning users and links to Google Ads and so on i am very happy with that.

To top that off, i am currently looking to setup a cookieless secondary property for other statistical purposes.

I know this can be done via Stape’s advanved GA4 tag, but i find the documentation quite confusing. It is totaly unclear to me, which settings i need to configure and how.

Does anyone have a link/guide for some documentation that specify what actually needs to be done in order to set this up?

Thanks a lot in advance and i am looking forward to contribute to this community in the future :slight_smile:

Best Regards Jonas

Hey Jonas,

GA4 Advanced tag simply helps you control all the parameters you send to GA4, as some of them you can’t overwrite manually with the native tag.
GA4 is not designed to be used without cookies, although you can think of some solutions that might work. For example, here is a good description of such use: Cookieless Google Analytics 4 with Server-Side Tag Manager | by Anatolii Shulhat | Medium

I haven’t encountered such a task, so it’s hard for me to judge how well this will work.

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Thanks alot, much appreciated!

This was exactly what i’ve been looking for. It looks very doable :slight_smile: