Cookie Keeper - What, How, Why

Hello, I am trying to understand how the Cookie Keeper works and have a few (generic) questions regarding this.

  1. I see the FPID is the master cookie which gets recovered if you delete it? Hence bulletproof in case of ITP deleting it after 7 days?

  2. Also how is this cookie related to marketing cookies? I saw somewhere that the master cookie will recover them too if they get deleted or something? Can you explain how this works pls?

3.And how do you see this being used from GTM server-side? What are the most common usecases? Pass this as an event param on google tag?

Any other material / resource on this topic would be appreciated!


  1. Well normally you want something that is not affected by the platform and or restrictions applied to it, that’s why a custom cookie set by own backend is the best choice.

  2. Master cookie - it acts as identifier for storing the cookies you select in cookie keeper, power-up. Marketing cookies can be a part a part of that and will be restored by the general functionality of the power-up

  3. You don’t need to path anything custom loader does the full cycle of storing and re-storing select cookies in Safari 16.4+ environments. Use case therefore is straightforward.

See more here: Prolong first-party cookie lifetime set by a third-party IP - Stape