Completely anonymize user (ip, user_agent ..)?


I setup on stape GTM Containers with Tagging Server Url third level domain. Then for to anonymize the user before the data reaches Google Analytics and GA4, I set GTM server side with IP anonymize to true and inserting user_agent and ip_overside at null. Previously in GTM web I had entered IP anonymize to true (see the attachment).

It’s correct? I would like to prevent any user data from reaching google analytics. Is it possible to prevent Google Analytics from writing and save in user > explorer the user ID client that analytics assign to each device?


Setting 'anonymize_ip': true in the web tag is enough for IP anonymization. But your additional setting makes solving your issue more bulletproof.

Not using client_id is not possible. However you can not use cookies or set client_id to any random string using override functionality.
More info about how you can use consent to disable cookie creation: javascript - Is there a setting on Google Analytics to suppress use of cookies for users who have not yet given consent - Stack Overflow