Combined Google Tags in GA4 UI

Hi Here,

I have encountered a strange setup and seek your support/guidance. We have a GA4 property which, based on my assumption, has combined Google tag IDs.

I experimented with the combined tag option on a different plain GA4 property. While combining different Google Tags, I observed that I could select the configuration to be used for all the selected Google tags. However, I am unsure whether this configuration can be changed or edited later.

The issue is that the GA4 property, which already has combined Google tags, requires a cross-domain setup. Apparently, while combining the Google tags, someone selected the AW-ID as the main ID (using Google Ads configuration). Consequently, when I access the cross-domain setup in the GA4 UI, I see the AW- Google ID instead of the usual GA4 measurement ID. Additionally, I don’t see the pencil icon and the “Add Condition” button while in the GA4 cross-domain setup tab.

I believe this is due to the Google Ads ID being set as the main ID during the configuration, which now prevents me from setting up cross-domain tracking.
Does anyone have any idea how we can overcome this?

Please refer to:

  • Snapshot 1, where the client has combined 3 Google tags into one, with the AW-ID set as the main ID.
  • Snapshot 2, where I don’t see the edit option to add domains.
  • Snapshot 3, where I experimented on a plain GA4 property and the options I see.