Client Data & Data Tags


I have a question about using the Client Tag en Data Tag.
In the steps I get stuck on the last step (in the post: Send dataLayer push from server GTM to web GTM).

  1. What is the value behind the unique_event_id, user_email, and event_name.
  2. It looks like I have the page_view event sent to the server. But I also tried to do this with the mail subscription but I don’t see these in the server.

These are my setting. Can you please help me to get the events like subscription to de server container so I can track this for GA4.

Kind regards,


Hi Jamie,

For GA4 I would not recommend using Data Tag or GA4 Advanced tag unless you are sure what it is for.
In most cases a normal GA4 event tag and the option in GA4 Config to send events to a server container will be sufficient.
It’s best if you or your developer adds a data layer to the site for all the events you want to track. That way you can use the data layer event as a trigger for your event on the web container and GA4 will work through the server side.
Here is all the basic information about the data layer: The data layer  |  Tag Manager  |  Google for Developers