Clarification on User ID clarification

Hi There,

I need some guidance on using the Stape User ID Power-Up. Does this power-up assign a unique identifier to each user?

Our issue is that we are collecting data in BigQuery, but the user_pseudo_id is unreliable if users clear their cache and cookies. We want a unique user identifier that remains consistent.

I have already enabled the power-up but still have some questions and need clarification on my understanding.

Will the User ID be consistent for each user and for all the events they perform throughout their visits?

Thank you in advance.


Stape User ID is described here: Check our User ID power-up - Stape, as such the id will be consistent within a single session, yes, but once user changes device or network connection - new id will be assigned.

Let me know if it’s clear now

Got it.
Thank you so much for the clarification!

So, per my understanding, as long as the user uses the same device and network, the ID will be consistent, right?

Yes, and as long as we speak about the same hostname.

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@Dan Just curious, if there is a way to make this User ID persistent even when user changes devices? For example by saving the email when user logs in / registers, and then stitching this back with first pageview event? I think CDP doc here mentioned something similar?

Would be great if we could decorate all events (both pre and post identification) with identifier that persist over different browsers / devices. well stape’s user id is assigned automatically on our servers, so you’re not controlling it, thefore building something like you’ve descirbed around it wouldn’t be plausible I think.

as to the following:

For example by saving the email when user logs in / registers, and then stitching this back with first pageview event?

you have basically described an internal user_id, and yes indeed that’s the best way fro cross-device assuming you can have your users authenticated at all times. This you can build a lot of cool stuff on, of course :slight_smile: and that’s why most Conversion APIs accept user_id / external_id / etc. kinds of data points

UserID (upon login) is cool but the problem is that users would have to login every session for it to be stitched (in case of GA4) and most users dont. And since there are many “unidentified” sessions by the same user, not sure passing to CAPI would improve the quality of my targeting (since cross-device will not carry over)

@Dan Just reading this doc I am wondering if the stape store could be used to stitch identifiers (from login) with subsequent session events by returning users?

assuming they return from same device + browser + network - then yes, it would be possible