Checkout / Server-side tagging

Hi –

Currently have a custom loader installed via theme.liquid. The container is also installed on the “Thank you” page via Settings > Checkout.

However, account is not on Shopify Plus – so the manual installation is not present on the checkout page, prior to the Thank you page.

Does using the Stape app solve for this, vs a manual installation?

Additionally, if anyone has implemented, does creating a custom pixel, and with a custom loader, solve for this / work?

Thank you.

Only on Shopify Plus can you insert any scripts or track anything on checkout pages. This also applies to the Shopify Pixel API.
But the scripts on the order status page will work even without Shopify Plus

Right – but the flow:

  1. Add to cart
  2. Check out
  3. Thank you

Tracking code is not present on 2. Checkout

Yes, because you can’t embed a container on checkout.liquid unless you’re on Shopify+ and even that is going away soon.

But you can still trigger the begin checkout event for example on clicking the checkout button in the cart.
It’s not optimal, but it’s a workable option.