CDN country privacy regulations

I’m setting up container and I would like to use our own CDN.
It says that we should consider country’s privacy regulations

When I clink on ‘Learn more’ link I’m taken to which describes how to change CDN, but doesn’t explain country’s privacy regulations.
We are international business, the same sGTM container will be used in multiple countries/continents.
Could you let me know what regulations should be taken into account?


Hello Robert,

We are not authority on country regulations, we are a technical solution provider, whether to use or not use this particular feature is a decision that needs to be done on your side, potentially after consulting with legal department and/or your DPO.

Thanks Dan. Understood.
I’m not looking for detailed legal advise.
It was more general question to find out what triggered you to put this information there, so I can dig into it with our compliance team.
My understanding of CDN in this case is that it serves sGTM from location that is closer to the user.
I’m trying to understand how country’s regulation could affect that.

One example would be your CDN provider being a US company, that might have ramifications for data residence and such. Our initial ‘trigger’ was the fact that certain users where not allowed to use Cloudflare (which is our provider for ‘Global CDN’ feature).

I am not aware of any specifics unfortunately, would highly appreciate is you share some should something come up.

ok, that’s enough for us to start with.
Thanks again and I will let you know if we come up with something.