CAPIG Configure domain name system (DNS)


I am setting up “Configure domain name system (DNS)” for CAPIG.
I always get error for the DNS. I have set up subdomain: - CNAME - Data
I use “Domeneshop” as hosting, and it seems I cannot connect. Perhaps because I do not know what should be in “data”.

It looks like this:

hostname (subdomain) CNAME - data

What is the correct value for “data” here?


To verify the subdomain for the CAPIG hub, please log in to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record:

Name: capig

Content: (You can find the url that should be in the content in your CAPIG on Stape )

DNS proxy should be set to off.

okok thanks!

Is it the "Conversions API Gateway domain or the Target domain: (which is

Hi! Just want to say I managed to make it work. My stupid mistake here was that i did not associate with the correct domain. Since the tracking for this particular pixel was on a subdomain, I had to create the routing on the subdomain of the subdomain. So