Can't Get Server Contain to Fire Tag

Following this post: How to Set Up GA4 Tracking Using Google Tag Manager Server-Side Container

I think things fell apart on Step 6.

The measurement ID uses {{GA4 - base}} - This doesn’t work. I’ve tried {{Client Name}} as well, but neither works.

Any chance at more detailed instructions?

Hello, could you please elaborate a little bit? The more information you provide the easier it would be to help you.

A screenshot of your GA4 Config tag + server-side GA4 tag would be a good start


  1. Created a Client (sGTM) called GA4_Client

  2. Created a Tag (sGTM)called GA4_base.

  3. On that same Tag (GA4_base) created a Trigger (GA4_client).

  4. That Trigger Configuration is in #4.

  5. Is the Reference to the Trigger in #4.

Let me know if you need more info…Your help is appreciated.

For Step 6 of your instructions…Can you explain more about GA4 - base setup and what {{GA4 - base}} is?

Can someone please get back tome?

In this case {{GA4 - base}} is your GA4 Measurement ID. For example G-1233FSZE2
All parameters inside the tags have (?) signs. By putting your cursor on the question mark you can always check what exactly requires each field.