Can't find the WEB Container Id on GTM

I can’t find the WEB Container Id on GTM. I have an Error 403.
Can someone tell me where it is on GTM, please?

It is near the Preview and Submit buttons

Make sure it is a WEB container and not a server container. The server container ID is not actually used anywhere.

Thanks! It’s the one I used but It’s not working for now.

So it means that we used 2 containers inside GTM?
1 Server container for the Setup
1 Web container to sent the info to GA4 or others tools

Yes, you need to use a web and server container to set it up:

  • You have the web container installed on the website and it collects the data.
  • The collected data is sent to your server container.
  • From the server container, the data is sent directly to the platforms you use.


Now I don’t understand why I cannot setup Clients Permissions for the GA4 inside my server Container like in the tutorial:

You do not need to provide any additional permissions for the GA4 client