Can you help me in passing user data to the facebook

Screenshot (136)
Screenshot (138)
Screenshot (139)
Screenshot (140)

After taking that particular values from datalayer set to user data place the variable in web container in data tag, but after checking test events in Facebook does not show any of name or email field which successfully pass on datalayer AND ALSO CORRECTLY SETUP IN WEB CONTAINER

Screenshot (141)
Screenshot (142)

you easily see the user data in variables not in console windows
Screenshot (143)
Screenshot (144)

when I filter with data no luck here too
Screenshot (145)

You are sending data from the web to the server container using Data Tag, and inside the Server container, you are checking Google Analytics requests.
Screenshot (140)
Screenshot (143)

Inside the server container, you should set up events and event data variables based on data tag info. Data tag requests look like the screenshot below.
phast (2)
phast (3)

If you don’t see the Data tag inside the server container, check the preview header is correct, that Data Client was added and published inside the server container.

After trying many trials I got a red color error in both sets “POST” & “GET” methods
this screenshot on POST method
Screenshot (151)
Screenshot (160)
Screenshot (161)

This screen shot was in GET method
Screenshot (153)
Screenshot (154)
Screenshot (156)
Screenshot (157)
Screenshot (162)
Screenshot (163)

Screenshot (158)

I tried both methods GET POST both doesn’t work for me please guide me proper solution for it
I already published the container before doing anything on preview mode and clear the cache of browser cloudflare and website also the problem still persist.

Try to:

  1. Publish Data Client in the server container.
  2. Check that the Server URL variable inside the Web container is correct. It shouldn’t end with /

The main error is status code 400 which rejected by the server client this solved by making a new fresh container start from scratch, now it’s working fine.

Thanks @Ira