Can Stape be used without Google Analytics 4?

I wonder if Stape can be used without Google Analytics 4. I see most of the documentation talking about GA4 + other additional services for sending events. In our setup, we don’t really need GA4 for tracking visitors, and adding this script will add loading time. So the question is simple…does Stape rely heavily in GA4 or can we make it work without GA4 implementation?

For example, can we use Google Ads Offline Conversions integration without using GA4?

I think you are talking about Data Tag (Web) > Data Client (Server), which is possible.

Actually, I am setting this up at the moment from the GA4 method so its definitely possible.

Sure, you can use any other method of transferring data to the server container.
Stape for example has various SDKs:
Data tag and Data Client for this as well.
You can also use just fetch() for example.

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Ok, now I am starting to understand how this all works.

In which situations would the fetch() way be beneficial?

If I understand correctly, all the data being sent via fetch() (JS), is done from the frontend, and that could expose sensitive user data in the browser requests.

fetch is useful for keepalive functionality, meaning request will not be dropped if you switch pages

But is it safe to send sensitive user data such as IP, email, phone number via fetch() request in the browser? Should this data be hashed beforehand?

that’s your choice, you could hash it all so long as you handle it all correctly.