Can I use one CAPIG pixel in several different domains?

I recently implemented stape’s “FB CAPI Gateway” service. However, I still have some doubts.

  1. Is there any limitation on how many different domains I can use a single pixel configured in CAPIG? for example, if I place the same pixel on 4 different websites, could event collection be harmed? This is my case.

  2. When analyzing the data, I noticed at various times that the server side sends more events than the web. Is this something positive? It’s normal?

Considerations: I also use the container’s sGTM, with the custom loader configured on all 4 sites, and I disabled sending data via “API” in my tag manager.

You shouldn’t have any problems using a single pixel across multiple domains. Although it is common to use one pixel per domain.

It is normal that there are more server events, it is even good because web events can be blocked by adblockers or similar plugins.
And by the way, if you also use and pay for sGTM, in that case it’s better to send events through it than through Gateway. This is simply due to the fact that you will have more control over what and how events are sent via CAPI, plus have higher protection against adblockers (Gateway is not well protected against this) + you don’t have to pay for a separate service.

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