Bounce Rate Dropped - UA 302 PageView Redirect

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The bounce rate dropped after server side tracking was implemented. While debugging the issue, I found that the requests were made to /j/collect and were routed as 302


Most often, GA redirects requests to Doubleclick when you have advertising features enabled in Google Analytics.

To remove 302 redirect go to GA β†’ Admin β†’ Tracking info β†’ Data Collection β†’ disable both toggles and click on save. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

But this redirect should not affect on bounce rate, and there are some other reasons why the bounce rate dropped. I suggest checking GA events that you’ve set up. If there are events that trigger for all/biggest part of site visitors, make sure to set these events β€œNon-Interaction Hit” to β€œTrue”

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Thank You. I had some events, for view_item_list and view_item which fires when the user lands on the site. I have added both of them to the non-interactive hit. I can wait for 48 hours to check back again for the bounce rate.

I do have a scroll event at 25, 50, 75, and 90%. Maybe the 25% one is being triggered when the user lands. I will fix that if marking the view item and item list does not fix the issues.

p.s. cool youtube videos! love your content on GTM & Server side tracking

Everything Is working fine