Billing of Requests? Only Incoming or Also Outgoing?

I have a question about the billing of requests. I was reading these 2 articles:


Do you only charge per incoming requests / hits to the server Google Tag Manager? Or do you also charge for outgoing requests / hit from the server Google Tag Manager?

For example, let’s say I send a webhook POST request with JSON body to the sGTM endpoint /purchase. And in my sGTM I have 11 tags configured for 11 traffic sources (Facebook, TikTok, Google and so on…)

Will I be charged in this scenario for 1 incoming request (webhook POST)? or will I be charged for 1 incoming request + 11 outgoing requests = 12 total requests?

Only incoming requests to sGTM are taken into account, outgoing requests are not charged.
So in your example 1 request will be counted.

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