Best way to turn off gtm ss tracking for a few days?


Since shopify is now sending all the basic events, not only purchase, through the conversion API and the main down side of gtm tracking are the false gtm-msr fires messing with my event numbers and giving the annoying ‘‘verify this domain’’ message on fb although i tried to block it in every possible way…

Is there a way to turn off the gtm tracking for a few days without deleting the whole setup to see if the shopify ss tracking is working? I’m sure there is but I don’t know the least destructive way to do this.

Thanks in advance!

It’s relatively easy to pause tags in the GTM web container.
Unfortunately, there is no similar feature in the GTM server container. What you can try is to create a trigger that won’t fire. Then add this trigger to all FB tags in the server container.

Once done, test that FB tags do not trigger in web and server containers.