Best updated Stape URL for GMT Server Container / StapeIO guide

I followed several guides from Stape but I’m only getting page_view event in PREVIEW of SERVER GTM container and not Add_To_Cart or any other events that follow the checkout process. It also won’t show page_view on pages after View Cart or any of the checkout process. I’m also not seeing anything occur on SERVER GA4 DebugView or realtime view. But there is activity occuring on the WEB GTM container.

Also, this guide doesn’t setup any tags in Server GTM, is this because the Data Tag is sending it all the information when you choose Send All Data Layer / Send Common Data?

Sending Data From the GTM Web Container to Server Container - Stape

I’m just trying to use the most common best practice for getting the most data from my ecommerce site. I got FB CAPI working great but GTM / STAPE / GA4 has been a challenge and I’ve read a bunch of how to’s from STAPE.

Below is a screenshot with how I paused my existing Tags to try and figure out this STAPE Server structure.

Did you try to follow this guide? How to Set Up GA4 Tracking Using GTM Server-Side Container - Stape

What platform do you use? Shopify/WordPress/Custom?

OSCommerce so no available platform