Attribution issue with ss GA4 vs Shopify analytics

We implemented ss GA4 using the Stape Shopify app.

We compared transaction attribution in GA4 vs Shopify Analytics and noticed some differences.

Some transactions in GA4 are attributed to direct/none but should be credited to the Rakuten/affiliate which is correctly showing in Shopify analytics.

I’m not sure why that happening. I have not identified any patterns of incorrectly attributed transactions based on the payment method, browser, operating system, or device model.

I appreciate any suggestion here to troubleshoot this issue.


GA4 may not attribute traffic sources correctly due to lost utm tags in url (they are the basis for traffic attribution in GA4).
This may be due to the fact that you do not trigger page view GA4 events after the user has accepted consent, but only on the next pages.
Thus parameters from url are lost and google defines such session as a direct visit.

I would recommend checking that all your events are working correctly with respect to consent.
Also make sure that all your events go through the server container (because otherwise different cookies are used and such sessions may not be displayed correctly).