ATC log don’t show in Stape Log - Seems to be on mobile only


It seems that I have an issue that I can’t solve.

When I add a product to my card with my mobile, ATC log doesn’t show up in Stape log. I may have a log label used has « other », but not an add to card.

Or it works one time out of 10.

It seems to work well on computer, but not on mobile.

Anyone to help me ?

Best regards

Are we talking about GA4 or something else?

Both GA4 and GTM event that don’t show here

As you can see in picture attached we don’t see ATC


As you can see in this picture :

add to card is correctly set up, when I check with google tag I can see that it’s firing, but when I check on stape log, it show event as « other » . And the issue seems to be when I visit my website on mobile

What is wrong ?

Best regards

What do you mean on ‘GTM event’?

GA4 event may not be logged if:

  • GA4 may send an event as POST, in which case the data is encrypted and Stape cannot determine which event was sent. This works automatically and you cannot influence it.
  • Your GA4 event was sent directly to GA4 and not through a server container. This most often happens if your Google Tag is triggered later than the event tag - I would recommend checking this.

If you want to log exactly that the GA4 event went through the northbound container, you can set the tag to the Logger server container: Tag Manager Template Gallery

Add GA4 add_to_cart trigger to it and look at the logs in the other section - they should be there regardless of the GET/POST request.

Also, you can view network requests from your mobile device and see if ga4 requests are accurately going to your server container.

Hope this helps.

Can you share what event name you send on GA4 tag here?

I have just checked the detail of the event in stape log

As you see in the picture attached, request method is « POST » so I guess the data is encrypted as you said

2 questions :slight_smile:

  1. Does this mean that the correct data is sent to Facebook ? Even if it’s encrypted

  2. why some data like page view have « request method : GET (which allow Stape to read the event) and some event like add to card is « POST » ?

Their is a way to put « GET » everywhere ?

You cannot control the type of enquiry in GA4

Unfortunately I can’t determine if Facebook is receiving the request correctly, but you can check this by running the preview and adding the facebook test id to events