API from server to Stape.io. Is it possible and how?

I need to transfer events from the server of a SaaS to GA4: for example, if on the server there is an automatic payment event, which is not linked to any user action on the web site, this event (along with the recorded parameters) must be tranferred and switched to GA4.

In particular, be careful: events on the server DO NOT occur on a web client and therefore there is NO data layer for this type of event on the server.

Can events that happen on the server be transferred via API to Stape.io?
Which Stape.io’s API should I use?

Is GA4 able to receive them without the need for the corresponding event on the web client?

Webhooks is the solution for this - Take a look at this article: Send data from CRM to Facebook conversion API using webhooks - Stape

You send a request to an endpoint of the server container URL, you catch it with the Data Client in the sGTM and from there you can do whatever you want.

wouldn’t you send the GA4 events from GTMs if you have events that are only in GTMs?

If not, you could just send those events from GTMs > GTMw > GA4

Hi @Chris_Bradley and @hustleou thank you!

I’ll clarify my problem better: some events only happen on the server (Python) and there is no website and there is no web client where the datalayer with these events is shown.

The development team can pass these events via API. Is Stape able to receive them? Is there a Stape API to send Python server events to? And what is this API?

Otherwise, is there another way to pass these server-only events to Stape?

Then from Stape these events must be transferred to GA4. We’ve seen GA4’s Measurement Protocol, but it always seems to need a web client id.

Thanks for the replies.

wouldnt you just send this to your server container with the same structure?


POST https://www.someurl.com/data

and you send the payload like you would a normal event from GTMw to GTMs?

Yes, and you can send any payload you like.