Anonymiser power-up is not visible in PowerUps section


Anonymiser power-up is not visible in PowerUps section.

I found an article ( saying that “Please notice, that if you do not see the Anonymizer power-up , it means that your account is registered in Stape Global.”

But as far I can see, I have an EU Server (Germany) for server location.

Can you please guide me to solve this?


Anonymizer power-up is available only in the EU region.
We have two separate companies/user bases. When registering an account on Stape, you can choose between the EU and the Global region.
Global use GCP servers and don’t have Anonymizer power-up.
EU region has Anonymizer power-up and uses Scalaway servers.

Hi, Denis,

Does this help?

You registered and use a Global account, not an EU. That’s why you do not see Anonymizer power-up .

Ok, so I guess that I cannot change this setting, right?
Only a new account will solve this?


I know this isn’t very pleasant.
But there was no option to make all legally correct without creating a separate region/user base.

Thanks for your answer, @Denis!

Right now I have an ongoing campaign on my website, so I cannot change the setup now.
After the campaign ends, (on 18th dec) I will come back here and maybe you can guide me.

I mean, whats happening with my actual setup? Do I have to delete current account if I want to use the same email address?

Hi Alin,

  1. Yes, you can’t use the same e-mail address

  2. Register a new one from under European servers for server Google Tag Manager - Stape

  3. Your flow, interface - all will remain the same, you will just be logged into a seperate encapsulated EU hosting environment. As Denis has mentioned, it’s the regulations that force us having far from idel UX in this matter.

Kind regards,


Hello and Happy New Year!

I wanted to create a new account and choose EU region, but yesterday (4th Jan) I saw that my billing cycle just started.

So, I think that I should wait for this cycle to end and just before a new cycle starts I should

  1. Delete current account.
  2. Create new account with new email address and use the new environment

Can you please confirm?


hey Alin, sounds about right, yes.

Also, if you use different email - you don’t really have to delete the original account, just stop the container and/or remove the subdomain.