Advice on Tracking Configuration for Multiple Clients

I manage marketing services for various clients, currently utilizing CookieYes for consent handling. With the shift towards server-side tracking required in Europe, we’ve started exploring Stape as a solution. Our goal is to find a cost-effective and efficient method for implementation.

The Challenge: We’re evaluating whether it’s feasible to centralize data storage for all clients on a single server or if a dedicated server for each client is necessary. The latter option could significantly increase costs, especially for clients with multiple subdomains.

Proposed Solution: We’re considering consolidating all client data onto one server, managed via Google Tag Manager. This approach could allow for a substantial server purchase at a fixed cost, sharing resources among clients to reduce individual expenses.

During the configuration for a second client, I encountered doubts. Each Google Tag Manager (GTM) Server-Side container requires a unique Container Configuration, prompting questions about the best management strategy.

Current Client Structure:

  • Client Type 01: Single GTM Web Container for main domain, unique GA4, Ads, etc.
  • Client Type 02: Single GTM Web Container for main and subdomain, shared GA4, Ads, etc.
  • Client Type 03: Individual GTM Web Containers for each region (5 total), with unique GA4, Ads, etc., for each.

Configuration Options:

  • A) One Huge Stape Server: A single server for all client types and domains/subdomains, utilizing one GTM Server Container.
  • B) Mixed Approach (2 Small + 1 Large Stape Servers): A small server for Client Types 01 and 02 each, with separate GTM Server Containers, plus a larger server for all Client Type 03 domains/subdomains in one GTM Server.
  • C) 7 Small Stape Servers: Individual servers for each client type and region, with separate GTM Server Containers for each.

Seeking Guidance:

We’re reaching out to the community for insights on managing server-side tracking under these circumstances. Any shared experiences or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Even though you can use one server container for all clients, but managing and configuring tags in such a container will be quite complicated If sites use different sets of platforms and events.

So I’d recommend separating clients here by the platforms and events they use. For example in one container all ecommerce clients, they usually have roughly the same set of events and platforms. In another lead gen or corporate sites, or whatever.
This way management of your server multi container will be easier.
But also take into account that in Stape tariffs there is a limit on the number of domains you can connect to the container (on business plans up to 20 domains, on Enterprise up to 50 domains).

Hope this helps

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Roger that, then moving forward with multiple servers.

Thanks again :wink: