Adding alternative email to FB events

I am wondering if it is possible to add an additional email (above the hashed value) on the facebook event?

The Payload would probably look like this-ish.

    "data": [
            "event_name": "Purchase",
            "event_time": 1714823829,
            "action_source": "website",
            "user_data": {
                "em": [
                "ph": [
            "custom_data": {
                "currency": "USD",
                "value": "142.52"

Chris, according to the documentation you can send arrays of string with em parameter, yes. What I honestly don’t know is how FB digests and approaches such cases.

not sure either, I guess the concept is that you might have another email to match against? the same as external ID where there may be more that one datapoint?

with the Stape Facebook Conversion API, could it handle an array of emails in user_data?

Also, is fn/ln/em sourced from user_data ?

hey Chris, I’ll raise this with the devs, I don’t think you currently can do that

Hey @Dan

That would be awesome, thanks.

I was thinking it would probably be a check to see if any user_data contains “email” (and probably phone) in the templatedata. maybe a checkbox to either overwrite the current data or string array it if that makes sense.



Hey @Chris_Bradley

The tag will now accept and handle arrays for the fields that accept it. So if you put and array of emails into the Email field - each email will be hashed individually and those hashes will be sent as an array.