Add To Cart tag missing parameter ''content type - product_group''


The ss tagging for my shopify store is setup correctly and everything is working but the facebook event manager test mode is saying that the
‘‘product group’’ parameter is missing.

I added and checked the following things:

-added custom data/event data + variables in the web and server container (preview mode shows the variables but it says undefined in both servers)

-checked pixel helper but it shows that it is sending the product_group parameter

Im kinda stuck now so hopefully someone can help me :).

Thanks in advance!

pixel product type
server content type
ss debug mode
web content type

We’ve just updated the script, it should now send content_type. please update Additional Google Analytics JavaScript inside Shopify. You can copy the new version here capi-shopify/analytics.js at main · gtm-server/capi-shopify · GitHub