Hey There,

I am back working on the stape container, and have noticed that the add_to_cart_stape fires when an item is removed from the cart.

I am using the shopify integration, just trying to diagnose this if anyone has any ideas?

note, then add_to_cart is current google integration, the green is add_to_cart and the red is remove_from_cart in the screenshot.

This usually has to do with how your shopping cart technically works. In your case you’re probably better off making your custom dataLayer.push from code and using it for events.

Hey Alex,

It’s the stape shopify app.

I think you could definitely do via a custom data layer, I guess I was more worried that a remove was trigger an a new add_to_cart_stape if that makes sense

Stape is in the process of updating the data layer work in Shopify app, the update will be in about a week, it should probably fix similar local issues.
But unfortunately such individual problems with the data layer can occur, as it may be due to the way your shopping cart is technically configured.
In this case you should make your own custom dataLayer.push events.


ok cool, should I wait until that update is complete to deploy? I have about a week till I am ready?

Is there many changes?


Just saw this got rolled out

Are these useable?

‘payment_info_submitted’: ‘payment_info_stape’,
‘checkout_started’: ‘begin_checkout_stape’,
‘checkout_shipping_info_submitted’: ‘add_shipping_info_stape’,
‘checkout_contact_info_submitted’: ‘add_payment_info_stape’,
‘checkout_completed’: ‘purchase_stape’

Hey Chris,

Yes, the app was updated a couple of days ago, also updated this article today: How to use the stape app for setting up Shopify server-side tagging

In particular there’s a clause about debugging checkout events (in short - it’s not possible, you need to publish the setting and watch the requesters in the browser network).

There is also a list of data layer events generated by the application:

Hey @Alex

This is awesome, so detailed. Thanks

Super excited for this update, can’t wait to get this mapped out tomorrow.

Cookie data out of the box :tada:

I know about the debugging issue in checkout, it seems to be an issue with the customer event sandbox.