Add a second backup Pixel FB CAPI

I am trying to add a second Backup Pixel to my website.
It should simply replicate the first Pixel, sending exaclty the same events/paramenters.

I added a second Pixel and everything works from Browser side tracking.

It does not work from Server side.

I created a second FB Page View tag in my Server Container (the Backup - FB Event (SS) - PageView).

It’s a 1 to 1 copy of the alraedy existing FB Page View tag, where I simply changed the FB CAPI tocken

If I enter the GTM Debug Mode, the TAG is fired correctly

But if I test the events in FB I see only the Browser tracking and nothing from Server

What am I missing?


@Francesco_C hi.
You tag “Backup - FB Event (SS) - Page View” gets the status “Failed”.
For your “Backup - FB Event (SS) - Page View” tag, you need to specify the correct data from the second Backup Pixel (token, pixel id, test_event_code)

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Thanks a lto @111
You are right.
I forgot to specify the new Pixel ID (I did it for the token and the Test_event but not for the ID).
Now it works and also deduplication seems working fine

Thanks again for the support