AdBlocker blocks gtm.js from loading

Good afternoon.
Today I tried to test sending events with blockers enabled.
I used mozilla 90.0.2 (64-bit PC) + AddBlocker Ultimate (browser extension).
In this case gtm did not load, AdBlocker blocked loading gtm.js script.
Although a subdomain is used.

Is there any way around it ?
Thanks in advance.

block everything on any domain that starts with gtm.js?id=
If you want to bypass it you need to create a custom loader for gtm.js script.

Check this article for a description of how to do this. Custom GTM Loader For Server-side Tagging | Simo Ahava's blog

Hello @Denis.
Thank you very much for your time, I will definitely try this option in the near future.

Hi Denis, I have followed the guide of Simo Ahava, but unfortunately it doesn’t change the name. Do I need to make adjustments if I use the Stape Clients and Tags inside the Google Tag Manager Server Container or do I just need to use and config the GTM Loader Client template and that’s it?

If you use Stape hosting custom loader is done for you. More info: Benefits of stape hosting for Google Tag Manager server - Stape

If you use GCP, then you need to configure the GTM Loader Client template, and that’s it.

Hi Denis,

Any chance you can help me with this?

I’ve been working on this for a few days, but can’t find an answer.

My setup works on pretty much every major browser (mobile and desktop) but I can’t get around ghostery.

After reviewing the Network, ghostery is blocking the following code (which isn’t actually in my source code): measurement Id) &l=dataLayer&cx=c

I have a custom loader via Stape.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

This is the last piece of the puzzle for me.


If you use the GA4 tag inside GTM Web Container it checks if gtag/js was loaded or not and if not it will load this library by this path /gtag/js.

I don’t found any option to avoid this. For example, stape have proxy client for sGTM using it you can load any js file from a different URL similar to custom gtm loader. But GA tag will fail if the library is not loaded by the /gtag/js path.

You can use Data Tag/Data Client even for GA4 and UA analytics. And it is not blocked by ghostly. More info Avoid Google Tag Manager blocking by Adblockers - Stape

Thanks @Denis. Is the Data Tag on Github still valid? It imports but when creating a tag, it doesn’t save.

Do you import the Data tag in the GTM WEB container?

That was it. Thank you