Ad Blockers / Custom Loader not working


I put in place the Custom Loader feature and update script on my webpage accordingly.
Nevertheless, when Ad Blocker is activated on my website, the request to my server is blocked…

Don’t know the aim of this feature if it does not prevent Ad blocker to work.

Could you please help me to fix this ?

What adBlocker do you use?

This one : Ad Block

With advanced configuration i guess :

Hey Elliot,

Thank you for this!
This seems to be blocking now the presence of ‘GTM-’ in the request. We are already working on a solution to replace this. In the next couple of weeks we will update the custom loader to bypass this restriction. We’ll let you know here when it’s ready.

Thanks for your feedback.
I believe Custom Loader must hide the id=GTM-ID at the end of the request path
Because many Ad Blocker detect this gtag/gtm patterns… Simo Ahava custom loader template on sGTM does it in a simple way and it works like a charm!

Yes, and by the way there is nothing stopping you from using this client if needed.

Fix for custom loader will be soon.
It is already on stage.

Please check Test - GTM Server Demo

We released new version of our Custom Loader. Now it not blocked by this type of adBlockers.

Hello, unfortunately, Custom Loader is still being blocked by uBlock Origin.

Judging by the screenshot you are not using the latest version of custom loader. Regenerate it in power up and use a new version that does not contain ‘GTM-’