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Good afternoon.
Please tell me.
Excuse me, but why does the free plan run out so quickly ?
I created a new container and made 5-10 requests when I was testing. The event flew from the web container to the server container and that’s it, just the test.
My account shows that 5% of 10,000 requests have already been used. Again, I made 5-10 requests during the test and that was it.

Сonfigured according to the instructions Sending Data From the Google Tag Manager Web Container to the Server Container

Why so fast ? So sending one event from the web container is equal to about 100 requests ?
Is there any way to influence this ? For example to remove unnecessary queries. Maybe it is necessary to make an additional adjustment?
Is there a way to optimize the queries?

For example: I have 1400 events a day, can I roughly calculate how many requests will be needed? In order to choose a suitable pricing plan.

Thank you in advance

Hi, hope you are well.

there can be a few things that might have caused this issue.

  1. You didn’t remove the transport URL from your GA tags in the GTM web container. so even after testing, GA sent the events to the server container.

  2. You might have just used 5-10 events for the test, however, the GA sends all the events to the Server, such as page view, enhanced e-commerce, user engagement, clicks, scroll, etc.

1400 Request per day * 30 days = 42k Requests. the 20USD plan offers 100k requests, so you should be good to go.


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@shahzadaalihassan Hello, thank you for the answer.

The thing is that I am configured through Data-tag (for web) and Data-client (for server side).

I thought in this case extra events are not sent or is it not true ?

Server container has Server container URL set, after debugging I can remove that ?

Hi, hope you are well.

Data Tag and Data Client, only send the events for which they are configured.

Yes, You can remove the Tagging URL from the Web container, and no events will be sent to the server. You might be receiving the events, as your server URL was still in the GTM


@shahzadaalihassan Hi, Thank you so much for your help, very helpful.

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