About deduplication events facebook

Hi all.
Colleagues, can anyone give me a hint, because I don’t understand what’s going on.
About a week ago I noticed that all clients have changed event manager interface. The “Event everview” tab now does not show event deduplication information.
Before it was like this:

Now it looks like this:

I’m worried about this. It seems to me that the deduplication is not working. Here, for example, is my event:

When I test it, I see that the events are de-duplicated.
Additionally, before, you could see on the “Event everview” tab what was received, processed, deduplicated.

But now I see the total number of events, browser + server, total of 87 AddToCart events.

Does anyone have any ideas about this ?
Is it worth worrying about this ?
Has your event manager interface changed ?
Do you see it the same way ?



We also noted this. There is no official response from Facebook regarding this.
Look like an interface update, and you don’t need to worry about it.

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@Denis thanks for the quick response, you put me at ease :slight_smile: