80 % data missing with Facebook CAPI?


I am not using Stape right know, but I am interested to use it. At the moment I am using Facebook CAPI with the PixelYourSite Wordpress Plugin and it works, but I am missing still 60-80 % of the conversion data (after 3 days+). Maybe because of EPT, ATP & Ad blockers and not using custom tracking domains and first party cookies?

So I wanted to ask if you have had the same problems (before using Stape)?
What did you guys exactly do?
And how did the data amount improve?



Yes, the problem with data loss is most often caused by Adblock or iOS ITP blocking requests. Especially if you have a lot of audience

With help of side-tracking server and correct setup all tracking scripts are downloaded not from third-party resources (FB, GA etc), but from your own subdomain and thus are not blocked, because they are perceived as all other usual JS scripts on the site.

Also, sending tracking data is done through the server, which also does not allow to block them.

Stape here just provides a convenient container hosting service + automates some of the processes (automatic linking with web container, adding custom link and js name to GTM uploader e.t.c.).

Okay, thank you. Do you have or do you of any case studies with before and after numbers? Or is there a way to measure the difference and the effect of doing all this?

What kind of numbers would you expect to see?

The biggest benefit you get is you continue to track iOS devices “as before”, so any sort of numbers be it nominal or relative would fully depend on your traffic load and iOS share in it.

as a blanket statement, you can expect 90-99% of events to be successfully reported to Facebook