403 error on container with custom domain

Hi Stape community :pray:t3:

Thank you for an awesome product and a great community.
I have used the tutorials to configure GTM with GA4 and setup a custom domain.

For statistics I have used: https://analytics.inkassofirma.dk
Everything seems fine in Stape and GTM, but when I follow the tutorial and use the Inspector on https://inkassofirma.dk, I get a 403 error in the Network tab.

Can anyone help correct this issue? Thanks :pray:t3:

I’d wager GTM-5GTDRN2 is your server container, right?

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Yes, you are correct! Sorry that I forgot to include that in the post.

well there goes your problem, you can’t load server-side container onto the page, you URL there should contain web GTM id

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I must have read the tutorial wrong then… :see_no_evil:
Do I have to include 2 containers? Or 2 clients in the same container?

I don’t understand the question.

You can and should only load your WEB container on the page. You SERVER container sits out there in the cloud and does not need (and can’t be) be anyhow embedded on the page.

Sorry for the confusion.
When I read and watch the tutorials, I got the understanding that I should use a SERVER container to setup Stape.

you should use server container, yes. that doesn’t mean you’re no longer using the web one, and that also doesn’t mean you need to embed your server container anywhere.

I suggest you explore this: Server-side tagging vs client-side tagging - Stape

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Thanks a lot! I will need to re-read it. Thank you for your help and inputs :pray:t3:

Sorry, I’ve spent an entire afternoon watching the videos and banging my head against the wall to get this to work.

I figured it out. So I’m adding the solution.

You need 2 CONTAINERS in your tag manager setup.

One would be a Web Container and the second a Server container.

  • You have the web container installed on the website and it collects the data.
  • The collected data is sent to your server container.
  • From the server container, the data is sent directly to the platforms you use.
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Thank you so much! :pray:
I reckon the banging head against the wall :sweat_smile:

I will try that while rewatching the tutorials