20% revenue discrepancy

Hi there

I have set up server side tagging for a client. I have done it several times for other clients.

On this client there has been a revenue discrepancy (about 20%) in GA4 compared to their webshop system (Dandomain - a danish provider) the last couple of months.

Have someone tried this before? It seems to be setup correctly, but there must be something i have overlooked.

FYI: The system, Dandomain, sends automatically events to GA4, so this is not setup in GTM.

If you are sure that your tracking setup is correct, check whether the purchase value includes taxes, shipping, or other additional costs.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

First i thought it was because of the taxes. But when a look into the items that’s being sold in GA4, then the revenue is including taxes.

I’m awaiting my client to create a user for the backend of the shop and hopefully i find the “problem” here :slight_smile: