Understand the logic of sGTM

Hi I’m quite new to sGTM wanted to know some things:

  1. In order to receive events generated by the client in sGTM I need to create them in the web container first? Lets say I need purchase event for sGTM, do I need to create specific data layer for that in order to get that data back to sGTM?
  2. Do I only need to adjust the setting in the GA4 browser tag to send data to the server side container and from there I can create tags for each platform (gg, fb etc) using the events that the client in sGTM is creating for me?
  1. There are multiple ways of delivering data to server GTM. The most popular way is utilizing these web GTM tags:
  1. Yes, you can use GA4 to deliver requests to sGTM and then use GA4 requests to trigger server tags. This guide explains how to set up ss GA4.