Setting GA / UA Cookies with Data Tag / Data Client

Hi there,

hope I didn’t miss the answer to this somewhere.

So I’ve been setting up Server-side tracking for clients for a long time using GA4 tag to send the data.

Now I’d like to explore your Data Tag / Data Client setup to do the same. I’ve the basic setup working all good.

But what I’m wondering is:

  1. How do you set GA4 and UA cookies in the web container while sending all GA4 UA hits through the server?
  2. Is there a better way than to add the GA4 configuration tag?
  3. And what about UA? UA has no configuration tag - it always sends page hits (i.e. over-reporting).

Ideally, I’d like my server to set these cookies and then drop GA4/UA client-side scripts all together. Is there a solution to that yet?

Hi, I believe you can find some insight into it here: Avoid AdBlockers with Data Tag and Data Client